Your Stomach Shrinks!

Your Stomach Shrinks!Yes, when you count bites and gradually cut down, your stomach shrinks. Its a proven fact. Ive noticed many times when losing weight, I tend to get full on only a few bites compared to when I would binge and have a never ending hole to fill!

In one study, for example , scientists recruited a small group of obese men and women and split them into two groups: one that ate freely, and another that was put on a highly restricted diet that included small meals totaling less than 1, 000 calories a day. The scientists used latex balloons to measure stomach capacity at the start of the study, and then four weeks later.
Among the dieters, gastric capacity was reduced 27 percent to 36 percent, on average, depending on how it was measured. There was no significant change in the control group

And as your stomach shrinks, your eating hormone levels also change: leptin, ghrelin, ect, and this makes us want less food, and be satisfied with less. Dr . Alwin Lewis talks about something similar to this called the Hungerstat.

Read all about the Hungerstat here in this article, it explainsit…—Read-This-Before-Considering-a-Gastric-Bypass&id=4730702

In a sense, you can get your stomach "stapled" without gastric bypass. Just stay strict to eating a small amount of food/bites for 14 days+and you will have yourself a new little pouch that will feel full on just a few bites–much less than you used to take!

In the same way, your stomach gradually stretches out again, if you take back to overeating. It even happens to people who have gastric bypass!

Who wants a small stomach? Me!!